Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 5:28 EDT

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DVD REVIEW: The Barbarians, The Vikings, The Goths, The Vandals, and The Huns are not just great names for rock groups, they were also terrific periods for artistic creation. Thanks to the 4-part DVD entitled 'The Dark Ages: An Age of Light,' you and your family can see the art they made while touring the world in the company of a very entertaining host.

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FICTION: Area Code 666 - part 17: Our beloved son Zan often dispatched a few selected entities to flit around the country in human form. Their assignment: hold impromptu conversations with various and sundry individuals in American society. It was both a provocation and an intelligence-gathering mission.

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FICTION: Area Code 666 - part 16: Zan joined a bevy of our entities as they flew through the Vatican. Bevy? Covey? Throng? Flock? Pack? Mass? Mob? What, exactly, should be the collective noun? English has such a strange set of words for this purpose. A school of fish, a herd of horses, a pride of lions, a murder of crows.