Friday, September 4, 2015


Truckloads of Soul

ADSP Chapter 25: God can be found inside many things: The sun, moon, and stars; a child's simple wisdom; a lover's kiss. And at one nightclub on one sultry summer evening in Southern California, god was in the fingers of Derek Trucks.


First Snows Ceremony’

OPINION: Mt. Ashland Oregon welcomed the biggest storm on the West Coast in five years after praying at their 'First Snows Mountain Blessing' ceremony on November 23, for snow to help end the Pacific Coast drought.

At what point are you Old? Is it 50, 60, or maybe 90? And who decides that you are Old? Society, your children, your Doctor or yourself? And what kind of old are we...

I'm not laughing anymore. I was one of those guys that chortled a bit, but not in a mean way, when older friends and relatives would moan about a body ache from washing their...


Area Code 666: Pars triginta sex

FICTION: Area Code 666 Part Thirty-Six (363636) - by John Scott G: The girl's face appeared to be radiating loveliness, and at times, she could appear almost innocent. Yet at the same time, her body conjured up feelings that were the polar opposite of innocence; she was alluring, desirable, and exciting.
Area Code 666: Partie trente-cinq

FICTION: Area Code 666 Part 35 (by John Scott G): "For the next several weeks, training sessions will be a big part of your lives," Claire said to the girls lined up in front of her. "They are sometimes called satisfaction sessions," she added and then began slowly walking past the girls, running her eyes up and down their bodies.